12 of June of 2020

FGV reopens Line 5 of TRAM d’Alacant as of Monday 15th June

From Monday 15th June, FGV will reopen Line 5 (Porta del Mar-Plaça La Corunya) of TRAM d’Alacant. The aim is to restore normal circulations on the tramway network and gradually adapt services to the demand for this means of transport in the process of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Line 5 is in addition to the usual circulation of lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 which already provide the service on non-school working days, as the University of Alicante and the schools are not open.

In any case, this is the usual tram timetable on summer days from the second half of June, so next week this means of transport will be fully running on its usual summer service schedule.

Furthermore, the Tramnochador, the night service of the TRAM d’Alacant network for summer weekends in the metropolitan area, and the El Mussol de Les Marines, which also circulates at night and on the same dates between Benidorm and Denia, will not circulate during the summer due to the current health circumstances.

TRAM d’Alacant users have access to the telephone service channels, web and social networks, as well as the free customer service number 900 72 04 72.

Recommendations to users

Along with making it obligatory to use a mask on all journeys made on public transport, FGV has strengthened their security system with the collaboration of the Security Forces.

The public company of the Generalitat reminds users that they have hand sanitising gel dispensers available to them at the entrances to the main TRAM d’Alacant stations and inside the vehicles.

Once it is permitted to occupy all seats, FGV recommends avoiding standing in the central aisle as much as possible, to allow free movement inside to get on or off the train or tram, and to wash your hands after using the transport service, even though FGV vehicles and facilities are disinfected regularly.

While waiting on the platforms, it is important to sit on the benches that are completely empty to maintain maximum separation from other people.

FGV also informs you that the purchase of tickets at stations is made exclusively by credit card or ticket vending machines and that, temporarily, reports of lost objects, complaints and suggestions can be made through the website or the App (download from Google Play or Apple Store).

In Alicante, the Luceros Customer Area has moved to the main ticket office of the same station.

At the stations, users can contact FGV Customer Service staff through the intercoms located in the lobbies and on the platforms.

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