Travel rules – bicycles

Transporting bicycles and scooters is permitted throughout the network.

Bike + TRAM

  • The number of bicycles or scooters is limited to four per vehicle. This amount may be modified, at the discretion of FGV personnel, depending on the actual busyness of the vehicle or other circumstances that may require it.
  • Persons carrying scooters and bicycles shall be responsible for not causing a nuisance to the rest of the passengers or damage to vehicles or facilities.
  • Persons carrying scooters and bicycles must stand next to them in the empty spaces of trains and trams. Folded bicycles can be transported as hand luggage.
  • Scooters should preferably be folded and, when possible, partially or totally hidden under the seats.
  • Under no circumstances may drivers’ access to the driver’s cab be obstructed.
  • During the Hogueras de San Juan and other events, bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the TRAM d’Alacant network.
  • Folded bicycles are considered as hand luggage.

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