Travel regulations

Travel regulations

Transport ticket

  • Acquire your ticket at a ticket office or vending machine at the station or from the train/tram for travel throughout the authorised zones. Keep it until you leave FGV facilities.
  • FGV may request to verify the ticket and holder’s proof of identification as regards his/her personalised card at any one of its facilities.
  • FGV can confiscate and block invalid tickets or fraudulently used cards, as well as cancel the ticket "loaded" on those cards.

Travel Conditions

  • Journeys must be made non-stop, except for changeovers, in one direction only.
  • Once tickets are  validated, you have a limited time to travel: 90 min (zone 1), 100 min (2 zones), 120 min (3 zones), 150 min (4 zones), 180 min (5 zones) and 200 min (6 zones).
  • The validity of the TAM passes is limited to the Metropolitan Area exclusively (Zone A). There is a 60 minute restriction for connections between lines and different operators.
  • In the tram and at stops request stop sufficiently in advance.

Inspection and Control

  • FGV personnel with these functions are legally conferred Agents of Authority.
  • Aggression, intimidation or gross disobedience by the Agents is a crime under the Penal Code and carries up to a 4-year jail sentence.
  • The fine for travelling without a valid ticket is €100.

Children under 10 

  • Children may travel free whilst accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. A maximum of two children may travel per each adult. Children under 5 travel for free only in Zone A. The accompanying person must bring official documentation showing proof of the children’s age, for possible verification thereof.

Companions of severely disabled persons

  • A companion may travel free with each severely disabled person (disability equal to or greater than 64% who require someone’s care when travelling) with a valid transport ticket.
  • The companion must complete the entire journey with the severely disabled person until leaving the FGV facilities.
  • It is necessary to take with you the FGV Mobilitat card or the official document which certifies the severe disability of the person being accompanied, for its possible verification.


  • Use the lift at underground stations to transport strollers or fold them if using the escalators.
  • On San Juan Bonfires Night (Midsummer’s Eve) and other events, strollers must be folded in the vehicle.

Reserved Seats

  • Respect the full priority of people with reduced mobility or travelling with small children, seniors and pregnant women in seats reserved for them.


  • Bicycles may be brought onboard under the following conditions:
  • Remain standing next to the bicycle in the empty spaces.
  • Maximum 4 bicycles per vehicle, except with FGV personnel authorisation.
  • On San Juan Bonfires Night (Midsummer’s Eve) and other events bicycles may not be transported throughout the entire network.
  • Folded bicycles may be transported as a package at any time.


Animals may not travel throughout the network, except: 

  • Guide dogs for persons with disabilities or guide dogs in training with their trainers.
  • Dogs working with security forces.
  • Small pets in cages or pet carriers 

Lost and Found

If you leave behind or lose anything on a train or at stations, please inquire at our customer service offices or attended stations or call 900 72 04 72.

It is prohibited to:

  • Endanger the circulation or integrity of other travellers.
  • Transport explosive or flammable material, helium balloons, or annoying packages or those which occasion damage to the FGV facilities.
  • Access the cabins of the vehicles.
  • Smoking in vehicles and FGV facilities.
  • Street vending or begging, pasting posters or carrying out any unauthorised artistic, commercial or advertising activity.
  • Enter the vehicle outside the established stops or after the sound of closing doors.
  • Travel in places other than those enabled.
  • Overstep the yellow safety line of the platform without the stopped vehicle.
  • Block, force open or manipulate the opening and closing mechanisms of the vehicle access doors or any station access doors.
  • To make use, without just cause, of the security, relief or assistance mechanisms installed in case of emergency in any installation.
  • Consume alcohol, drugs or any type of food which deteriorates the conditions of cleanliness and safety or causes inconvenience to other persons.
  • Use sound equipment which may annoy other passengers, place feet on the seats or travel barefoot, shirtless or with wet clothes.
  • Record video or images for public or commercial use without the corresponding permission.
  • Use skateboards, skates or similar vehicles with wheels within the facilities of FGV


We are at your service at the customer service offices, attended stations and on the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM) website.

Instructions from Personnel

Are available at staffed offices and stations, or through the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM) website.

Download the .pdf version in English of the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM) travel regulations

Download the .pdf version of the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM) travel regulations