The journey between Teulada and Dénia is made by bus

Temporarily suspended rail service between Teulada - Dénia

As a result of the complete infrastructure renovation work being carried out on the section of Line 9 between Teulada and Dénia stations, the rail service between these stations has been temporarily suspended, and the route is being run by a substitute bus service.

The schedules are currently published (approximate). Sorry for the inconvenience.

It is mandatory to buy the travel title before boarding the bus.

Dénia stop

This bus stop is located at Joan Fuster Avenue, next to Dénia station. New location!


Bus schedule Teulada-Dénia-Teulada

The two buses that are currently in service are adapted.

  • Teulada - Dénia:    The departure times of the Teulada-Denia bus are at 15′ of every hour.
  • Dénia - Teulada:    Dénia-Teulada bus schedules at 32′ of every hour

Access to timetables 

You must buy the ticket before you get the bus, thank you.                          Vista General                                         

Bus stops

Teulada: Camino de la Estación, 20

Gata: Avda. de la Marina Alta intersection with Avda. La Pau

               Denia direction

               Teulada direction

La Xara: Av.  La Mar a 20m del  "Rte. Llacer"

               Denia direction

               Teulada direction

La Pedrera: Cancelled. Nearest stop: Alqueries.

Alqueries: This bus stop moves to Montgó Av.