Client Participation Committee


Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana is a company in constant evolution, with a view to providing the best rail passenger transport service to the general public of the Valencian Community, through Metrovalencia and the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM). Understanding that the best manner to making progress to the attainment of this objective depends on, among other actions, meeting the suggestions and queries of our clients, and to that end FGV is implementing various initiatives in order to further their participation and in learning his/her feedback on diverse aspects related to our service, which aids and involve us in decision-making and in the definition of our strategic and quality plans.

The main instrument as regards the passenger interrelationship which FGV has is the Client Participation Committee. Its purpose is to bring together in a shared space representatives of social organisations and FGV clients who frequently use the service, in order:

  • To aid us with your contributions to have a clearer view of our image and services.
  • At the same time, their involvement in the resolution of the demands.
  • The proposal of new actions intended for improving service quality, convenience and safety.

Comité de participació de clients de FGV

The Client Participation Committee (one in Metrovalencia and another in the TRAM d’Alacant (Alicante Metropolitan TRAM)) is made up of a maximum of 15 members. These members must act and meet in a coordinated manner: it is a matter of setting up a kind of working group where, with assessed issues and a previous agenda, an interaction between the company and its clients is carried out for the purposes of greater complicity and commitment. A thematic meeting is held, at least, once every six months.

The organisations which make up the Client Participation Committee are representatives of associations and public agencies, as well as members appointed by the different public Universities.  Furthermore, at least four regular metro and tram commuter clients participate in each committee, who are invited to find out about their contributions, complaints and suggestions.  From FGV, the issues to be proposed are taken from the set of claims which are handled in the company, the client satisfaction surveys and questionnaires and public opinion polls, or those issues that, due to company policy, we are interested in discussing.  In the Client Participation Committee, annual quality surveys are likewise submitted and their results will also be guidelines and indicators for future meetings.