Measures to ensure safe transport


  • Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection work on trains and trams by means of volumetric nebulization with hydrogen peroxide. This procedure has been ratified by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), which certifies the total cancellation of the infective capacity of SARS-CoV-2, thereby achieving an absolute comprehensive disinfection.
    • Additionally, this system allows, by activating the ventilation systems of the units, that the product enters the air circuits that are not accessible manually. In this way, its virucidal effect is applied to the surfaces and areas of these circuits, which can be a focus of parking and distribution throughout the unit of infection-transmitting particles.
  • Reinforcement of the cleaning tasks of the trains and trams in service during their journey, with more personnel assigned to these tasks.
  • Increase in the capacity of the units that circulate through the university area, through the use of double compositions.
  • Reinforcement of some trains at rush hour in order to decongest those with a higher degree of occupancy, in the busiest time sections.
  • Placement of dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels in the stations and inside the units.
  • Promoting the use of credit cards to reduce the exchange of cash.
  • Air renewal. The ventilation of trains and trams is essential to minimize risk. In the case of FGV trains, every less than 3 minutes there is a complete renewal of the air, so that any element that was in the environment would be captured by the system. In the trams, both in Valencia and Alicante, 75% is renewed with recirculated air and 25% with outside air when doors are opened. In the metro and train-TRAM the proportion is 70% and 30%, respectively. In the end, the complete renovation is left in three minutes on the trains and in just under three minutes on the trams.

These measures are in addition to those that the Generalitat has been taking since the beginning of the health crisis to guarantee a transport service with the highest security guarantees.